The Abacos | July 2015

On June 27, Sail On Charters left the dock at Stock Island Marina Village for its 14-day inaugural sail to the Abaco Islands, a 120-mile-long string of tropical Bahamian islands about 180 miles off the south Florida coast.  We made it in time for the 40th anniversary of Regatta Time in Abaco. Known locally as The Abacos, these islands have long been among Captain Parker’s personal favorites, because they remind him of the legendary Key West of the 1970s.

July 1 | Sail On arrived safely in The Abacos — if a bit tired — early this morning. In Quarantine waiting for Customs officer. Arrived Marsh Harbor at 02:30 safe and sound. Biscayne Bay to Marsh Harbor 220 nautical miles (nm) in 36 hours ( including three hours anchored on Bahama Bank west of Berry islands to catch some shut eye and allowing squall line to pass). Thanks to a terrific crew. We’ll be posting more pictures and updates later today, so be sure to check back with us.

July 23 | A special salute and thanks to the intrepid crew who assisted with Sail On’s 800-nautical-mile voyage from Key West to Abaco, Bahamas and back to Florida’s Biscayne Bay. We caught up with the 40th anniversary of Regatta Time in Abaco for three of the four races. My first experience as skipper of a keel boat in a race. It was exhilarating. We managed to provide the race committee boat some entertainme nt. During race one and race two, we outmaneuvered our competition at the finish with quick tacks at the pin and across the the finish keeping pursuers at bay.

Countless stories, both personal and professional, were shared among newly made friends brought together by a kindred spirit for adventure, love of the ocean and a passion for sailing.

This week my amazing daughter, Amy Caroline, will meet me in Coconut Grove to take a break from her busy summer schedule of work and communications internship to spend a few days in advance of her 21st birthday. She’ll  join Dad for the return of Sail On to her berth at the Stock Island Marina Village. The scuba tanks are filled and spear gun loaded — Watch out, hogfish! Amy will keep Captain’s Log’s posts lively this weekend, so check in and say hello.

Finally, a heartfelt thanks to KeyWestWatch Media’s Linda Grist Cunningham for her friendship, hard work, talent and expertise in helping make Sail On Charters’ Facebook Page and website a reality. Linda’s fielding of photos, videos and text updates while Sail On was underway gave life to this new enterprise.

July 27 | We were up with the sun this morning, ready to make the final leg of our Abaco adventure, which started a month ago. Thanks to daughter Amy for celebrating her almost-21 birthday crewing for Sail On. We passed Bahia Honda bridge at 0800 and are going to do a drive by Looe key to check out conditions for a dive on our way home.

Fair winds to all, Captain Parker

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