For decades, sailing to Cuba meant U.S. citizens broke the law. Under the embargo installed after the Cuban missile crisis, private boats could no longer leave U.S. waters and head into Cuba’s harbors. But this year, when the tensions eased between the two counties and the U.S. re-opened its embassy travel to Cuba got a lot easier — except for sailors wanting to sail on their own.

Over the past six months, the federal agencies that oversee travel to Cuba have lifted one restriction after another. While sailing to Cuba remains far more challenging that taking a day sail to the Dry Tortugas, it’s legal, and with some attention to detail, it’s possible to do.

Sail On Charter continues to explore the possibilities of sailing to Cuba. We’re hoping that all restrictions will be lifted in 2016, making it possible to head out on our own. In the meantime, you might enjoy this update from Soundings Magazine.