Key West Sail | December 2015

Dec, 3-7, 2015 | Key West

Sail On Charter and friends, Andrea and Debbie of Louisville, arrived in Key West in a torrential downpour as the frontal system arrived to dampen the day.  But even a rainy day in Key West is good day and we found plenty to do around town. From Sloppy Joe's to some sunshine at the Galleon Marina, it was a good way to spend their visit.

With a break in the rain, Captain and crew took a dinghy ride in the dark to Hogfish Grill to sample the specials. Can you say "FUN?"

Eventually, the rain stops, the winds are pleasant and the crew takes off from Stock Island Marina Village. We headed to Key West Bight and a slip at the Galleon Marina by way of Hawk's Channel, the reef and Sand Key.